Giovanni di Paolo, St Catherine of Siena before the Pope at Avignon, c.1460–1463

Finally, after an unintentional hiatus, I return to Catherine of Siena. I have already written about the mystical parts of Catherine’s life so this post will focus on her public life, her politics and her role as a preacher. …

Master of Palazzo Venezia Altarpiece Panels, Mary Magdalene, National Gallery London

The biblical story of Mary Magdalene is well known, as well as the various conspiracy theories surrounding her relationship with Jesus (thank you Da Vinci Code). What is less well known is the legend of her life after Jesus’ crucifixion which received great attention and veneration in the Middle Ages.

Andrea di Bartolo, Saint Catherine of Siena with Four Dominican Nuns of the Third Order, c. 1394, Museo del Vetro, Murano, featuring Catherine of Siena in the centre

Born Catherine Benincasa, Catherine of Siena is one of the medieval period’s most famous holy women, and with good reason. A contemplative and unique mystic, she developed a loyal band of disciples and influenced the end of the papal annexation of Florence, as well as the return of the papacy…

The Story of St Margaret in manuscript British Library, Yates Thompson, MS 13 f 086v

T/W: violence

It seems fitting to begin this blog with the saint who first captured my imagination and set me on the path to studying holy women in more depth, St Margaret of Antioch. I had never heard of St Margaret until I was flicking through a book on gender…

The Feminist Medievalist

A Medieval Studies graduate writing about saints and other holy people because I think they’re cool. With a feminist stance of course.

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